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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, the so-called "Reina del Plata" (Queen of the River Plate), is the capital of the Argentine Republic. This incredible city is a singular, open and integrating destination that allows the visitor to view the city and also live an exceptional urban adventure.
Downtown Buenos Aires is as sophisticated as any European city, with its wide avenues, fine colonial architecture and rows of sidewalk cafes. The city was built by French, Italian and Spanish immigrants and the “Porteños” still regard themselves as Europeans rather than South Americans. Travellers walking through the leafy parks and boulevards may be forgiven for thinking they are in Madrid, Paris or Milan.
This international and elegant city promises an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Tourism in Argentina
From north to south, tourism in Argentina is favored by its ample and varied natural assets (made possible by its geographical extension), by its cultural offer, and (since the devaluation of the Argentine peso after the 2001 market crash) by its high exchange rate to foreign currencies.

This is one Latin American country where Europeans and North Americans can feel at ease and travel relatively inconspicuously. An interest in soccer and some nimble foot skills may be all you need to blend in with the locals (lonely planet).

When to visit:
Patagonian destinations, such as the Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, are best visited during the summer months (December through February ) when the weather is milder and more services are available. During the rest of the year , services thin out and public transportation becomes trickier.

Spring and autumn is the best time of the year to visit Buenos Aires (during summer it is hot and humid). Mendoza, Córdoba and the Lake District are all spectacular in autumn, when the leaves are fiery reds and yellows, the temperature is comfortable and the crowds are few.

Northern Argentina, including the Iguazú Falls in the subtropical Misiones province, is also more pleasant during the Southern Hemisphere's winter or spring when heat and humidity are less oppressive.

Ski season runs from mid-June through mid-October, and the resorts are most expensive and most crowded during July and August when every porteño (person from Buenos Aires) seems to be on the slopes.

The official language is Spanish. English, French and Italian are spoken by some.

Argentinian medicine has always ranked high in the world. Health-related tourism has increased lately, especially concerning plastic surgery and assisted fertilization treatments.

In Buenos Aires the weather is mild; winter goes from June to September and summer from December to March.

During the winter, it is warm enough to wear a simple coat and a scarf. The lowest temperatures are around 0º C / 32º F. During summer, the highest temperatures are around 37º C / 98º F.

United States citizens are not required to have a visa to enter Argentina at this time. Contact the embassy or consulate of Argentina in your home country to confirm that you do not require a visa to enter the country.

Religious services
The official religion is Roman Catholic, although there is a complete religion freedom (such as Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox, among others).

Our national currency is the "Peso Argentino". There are papers of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos, and coins of 1 peso and 0,5 0,10 0,25 and 0,50 cents.

Local Time
(- 3 hours GMT)

National Holidays
January 1st : New Year's Day
Friday before Easter: Good Friday
May 1st : Labor Day
May 25th : Commemoration of First Government
June 10th : Malvinas Day
June 20th : Flag Day
July 9th : Independence Day
August 17th : Anniversary of St. Martin's death
October 12th : Columbus Day
December 25th : Christmas Day

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